Welcome to the Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild is an organisation of over 20,000 members - mostly but no means entirely - made up of women and men connected with Guiding and Scouting.

  • If you were in Guiding or Scouting and enjoyed the camaraderie that you had, enjoyed meeting friends with a similar outlook, then why not seek out a Trefoil Guild near you?
  • If you are having a break from Guiding/Scouting, then the Trefoil Guild is the place to be - it will keep your connections with the movement and keep you in touch
  • If you are presently a Guider or Scouter with all the responsibility that that entails, then join the Trefoil Guild for yourself. Enjoy the companionship of people who understand and support what you are trying to do with young people
  • Of course if you are none of the above, there is always a warm welcome for anyone who likes the idea of learning something new, travelling, meeting new people or getting involved in local projects.

Those of you who are already members will find much to interest you in these pages, what other Guilds are doing, reports on recent events, snippets of information, photos and much more.

Welcome to the Trefoil Guild Website

Welcome to the Trefoil Guild!

Annual report

Recent News

1st February 2007
South West England Trefoil Trails 2008

Trefoil Trailing in 2008!

12th January 2007
East Yorkshire Community Challenge

In December, Girlguiding East Yorkshire launched their Community Action Challenge 2007 which will be taken up by all the sections of Guiding in the county. It will run from January to the end of December. Read more...

22nd November 2006
New Forms on Trefoil Guild Website

Forms for Registration of a Trefoil Guild; Members Personal Details Form & Amendment Form and Trefoil Guild Website Pro forma can all be down loaded from the website. All the forms can be found on the Forms Page. Read more...